"My desire is to bring hope, joy and peace, through Christ, to a hurting and confused world." Steve Leavitt


MARRIAGE How would you like to fall in love again with your mate? Do you want to regain the romance, passion and warm friendship you had when you were dating?

Marriage Verses
Marriage Rules
Song of Solomon

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PARENTING Are your kids stressing you out with their bad behavior? Do you feel like they don't listen or care about you or people around them? Are you losing your temper and yelling just to try and make them behave?

Biblical Parenting
50 Rules of Parents
What Children Need
Parenting 101
Parenting Chart

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EMOTIONAL DISTRESS Is Anxiety Ruling Your Life? You are not alone. According to the ADAA Anxiety Disorders affect 40 million Americans. Two out of 10 adults aged 18 and over are affected...

Biblical Approach

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